Our aerial film equipment is a driven by a simple set of principles - The Three R's:


  • Reliability - our gear is thoroughly vetted, tested and prepped prior to any shoot with impeccable attention to detail.
  • Redundancy - we guarantee to never show up without a backup plan - this means no single point of failure for any of our specialized equipment.
  • Really Cool - cutting edge and best in class equipment.  Our inventory is constantly evolving to keep up with innovations in the industry.


Vulcan - Octocopter, Movi M10/MR, RED Epic, Zeiss CP2

"Vulcan" - Flat 8 Octocopter

Vulcan is a traditional octocopter with a raised forward prop (called a mantis arm) allowing for full throttle acceleration without interfering with the camera frame.  Rugged carbon fiber props add stability to the standard Movi M10 and RED Dragon payload.  Compatible with cameras up to 15lbs. including RED Dragon/Epic/Scarlet, Phantom Miro, FS700, C500 and more!

Black Widow - X8, Movi M5, Canon 

"Black Widow" - X8 Octocopter

Black Widow's coaxial (over and under props) motor layout allows for more stable flight in higher wind conditions.  The 4 mantis arms eliminate the chance of getting a propeller in frame during full speed acceleration in any direction even on the widest lenses.  The Wasp is typically outfitted with a Movi M5 and lighter payloads including the Canon 5Dm3 or the C300.

K.I.T.T. - Freefly Tero, Movi M10, Panasonic GH4

"K.I.T.T." - Freefly Tero Camera Car

K.I.T.T. is a Freefly Tero, a camera platform that can provide some truly unique shots.  Camera packages as heavy as 15lbs. (e.g. a fully loaded RED Dragon) travel more than 60mph with independent 360 degree camera control and stabilization provided by the mounted Movi.  In addition to traditional line of sight K.I.T.T. can be driven using a small head-tracking camera that provides our pilot more than 270 degrees of usable first person vision.


Freefly Movi M10, RED Dragon, Arri Ultraprime

Movi M10

The Movi M10 is the flagship camera gimbal in our fleet.  Pulling off Steadicam style moving shots without being tethered to a cumbersome arm and vest opens up all sorts of unique shot possibilities. The Movi M10 can be used in single operator mode or a second operator can independently control pan/tilt/roll for complex, choreographed shots.  

Capable of carrying camera packages including RED Dragon, Arri Alexa M, Canon C500, Phantom Miro.  Includes wireless video, wireless follow focus and monitors.

Freefly Movi M5

Movi M5

The little brother of the Movi M10, the Movi M5 still packs quite a bit of production value into it's smaller frame.  While still capable of carrying a stripped down RED Dragon camera package, the M5 is designed primarily for use with DSLR style cameras.  Perfect for smaller productions and lighter payloads. 

Capable of carrying camera packages including Panasonic GH4, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Canon C100, Canon 5Dm3, Canon 1DC and more. Includes wireless video, wireless follow focus and monitors.


Our wireless ground station provides a mobile platform for live viewing and playback from any of our camera platforms.  The primary configuration  is equipped with the latest long range wireless solution on the market, the Paralinx Tomahawk, providing lag-free (less that 1ms) high definition video at over a kilometer away.  A color accurate 17" Flanders Scientific monitor is provided for Director viewing and in addition to the camera's onboard recording all of the footage is redundantly recorded on an Atomos Samurai Blade (which doubles as our camera operator's monitor) allowing playback from the ground without having to fuss with on-camera playback.  Multiple auxiliary HD-SDI outputs are available to provide Video Village/Assist their own dedicated high definition video feeds.

Additional support equipment includes wireless follow focus with handheld focus monitor and wireless video feed (provided by a Teradek Bolt), portable generator and charging station.

Mobile Ground Station - includes lag-free HD wireless video, 17" Director's Monitor, recording and playback

Paralinx Tomahawk - lag free wireless HD video

Director's Monitor and Atomos Samurai Blade for Ground Recording/Playback