After a quick battery change on the octocopter Sam is preparing a shot in Pit Row

We're huge racing fans.  HUGE.  When we received an emergency call from Orlando production company Overflow Productions about a shoot at the Circuit of the Americas on Labor Day we were very excited.  The problem was, it was less than 24 hours away from takeoff and half of our team was out of town and the track is a 4 hour drive from our Dallas office.

Luckily we were able to get into Austin with our gear in time for a 9am crew call and had our Octocopter in the air by 9:15am for the first shot.  It was an incredibly hot and windy day in Austin (over 100 degrees and winds between 10-20mph) but we were able to shoot some pretty amazing footage.

We captured some incredibly dramatic footage at 1080p60 on our Panasonic GH4. Here are some select shots from the day.  No post stabilization was applied (only a very rough color correction).  The shot of the driver standing at the top of the tower was flown during 15-20mph wind gusts.  We literally had one take of the shot because the Texas wind got a bit crazy. 

A member of the Ferarri team looks on as we buzz a custom painted Porsche for NGT Motorsport

Sam and Shaun planning a shot in Pit Row

Shaun and Zach (producer) watch the action from the mobile ground station

Zach, Sam and Shaun scouting the Tower at Circuit of the Americas

The view from the tower at Circuit of the Americas