Director Jeff Bednarz really gets how to tell a story with dynamic shots and that makes the Movi a powerful tool in his hands. In the latest Texas Tourism commercial he utilized our Movi M10 to capture quick tracking shots and unique perspectives for a Texas landmarks montage.

Check out the finished spot!

Remember the Alamo! Our Movi M10 in San Antonio, TX.

Director of Photography Mark Thomas strapped into a helicopter with our Movi M10.

The best part of this gig is how we rigged the Movi in some pretty fun ways including a makeshift jib made from speed rail (courtesy of Matt Shannahan at Electric Light & Power) and hanging our Director of Photography, Mark Thomas, out of a helicopter with the Movi strapped to the side. For my favorite shot - the iconic dolly shot of the theater lighting up - we used a wheelchair that we happened to find on location.

The production was a whirlwind of traveling between iconic Texas cities and landmarks with some of the most talented filmmakers in the lone star state.  We shot so much I know there has to be a 20 minute long director's cut!