We recently returned from one of the most unique places we've ever filmed... and we're still cleaning salt out of our gear!

Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah - that's not snow... it's salt!

Marc and Melanie Chartrand capture an amazing sunrise over the Salt Flats.

Aerosthetics now joins a long list of filmmakers that have cleaned caked salt off of their favorite lenses.

Our Vulcan drone prior to take off.

Our good friends Marc and Melanie Chartrand with Lucky21 have a pretty special project in the works and we were fortunate to spend a couple of days with them filming aerials in a very alien landscape

The Bonneville Salt Flats are not a very forgiving place.  Imagine a desert valley full of salt instead of sand, throw in an incredibly shallow water table (slushy salt!) and unpredictable weather.

Flying a drone in the salt is an even more challenging situation.  Deceptive calm and quiet abruptly gives way to 25mph wind gusts.  Lightning storms materialize over the serene valley unexpectedly injecting chaos into the surreal landscape.  It was surreal and inspiring.

Unfortunately until the project is over we can't post any footage.  Stay tuned for updates!